Sunday, January 18, 2009

Those ODD Moments!

Do you EVER tell people the WHOLE Truth? The things you 'think' you would Never say to anyone, but find that you do, and you're either going to get the "WTF" look from the person you are talking to, or.... the "OMG I DO THAT TOO" comment.
(Describing SL to a stranger is like that..*cough*) ya ever get the URGE to do something that makes NO sense, for NO reason, not necessarily for any particular reason, more like you 'momentarily' feel compelled to do something...this doesn't mean it's a GOOD or FUNNY thing, this could be a crazy LOCK YOU UP kinda thing....
so we don' we?
One of my friends once told me that she ran naked through her house in front of her boyfriend (who she is now married too) with a long branch from a tree in between her butt cheeks...LMAO
that's what I mean...things like that! Well that is ONE side of it, eh?
There is also the other side, of "You are not doing it to be silly" like my friend might be doing it because you feel it's appropriate.
Have you ever run through your home, with all your 'housemates' around and just run through the house Screaming "THEY"RE COMING" in a strange LoUd, but shakey voice, with that look of Pure Panic on your face, not to be funny
but because maybe...MAYBE for a moment...just a moment
you almost felt like THEY were coming.
Now who are THEY? i don't would I know that? It was just a Moment where I had felt compelled to do this, I didn't.....I DID twitter it, yep...cuz it made me laugh when I thought about Writing about of those thoughts that you think, for a moment COULD happen and it would really be ALL kinds of Wrong, wouldn't it?
WAY off...yeah you might get locked up.
But....IF i did....I know there would be the look of 'WTF' on my husbands face, and a "WHO" from my 15 yr old Crazy stepchild, and then they would both laugh their asses off......if I acted like it was all a joke.
I could be serious eh?
Pretend I have no clue what they are talking about.
Make think I've totally lost it......
would be great.....but I'de never live it down.
that is my Odd Thought.
I'm done now. I'm going to go finish making this KICK ASS chicken soup, and then I'm going to make Brownies...:) Yep, you got it!

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