Tuesday, August 26, 2008


she had something in her hand
she didn't understand...what i was thinking
the rain kept pouring down
people all around...and she was sinking

there were candles all around
and i could hear the quiet sounds, of a mother
water dripping down my back
the sky was turning black, like a feather

strokes upon my arm
from a feather soft and warm, beneath me
there is where i find
that thing they say is mine, in the center, breathing
4 27 2008

This is Great! My mom and I were talking on the phone as we usually do...and she was talking about my Sister's Latte, apparently when my sister had taken a sip of her latte it was MUCH too sweet and the words my mother used were: that it was so sweet
she felt the sugar clung and wrapped around her tongue.
It was a Great Line...the visual of sugar clinging and wrapping around your tongue. The very thought of that inspired this song.
Funny how something so 'every day' the things people say, the way they describe experiences can trigger the surfacing of our own all with something Unrelated.

3 Pennies

You're every emotion, of a jigsaw dream
6 wheels in motion, your engines all scream.

You're pieces of leather, and hands full of lace
you're words of a wish, like wind in my face.

You sit in my room, and walk to the moon
can't cry to your mother, she left you too soon.

Beat On My Drum. Pound On My Brain.
I'll give you Thunder, if you bring me some Rain.

I cannot stand, anymore of your pain
Give me 3 wishes, I'll whisper your name.

This was a song, many years ago...perhaps one day I'll revive it again, give it some life, a voice.
At the time I wrote this song, I was living in Minneapolis, in a lil apartment. One of my closest friends (at that moment in time) was a disturbed man by the name of Chris. I say "Disturbed" Because of the Chemical Imbalance that Bipolar brings to those of us who have such a gift. With Chris, he was like a feather in the wind, wherever it blew..mud, rain, sun...he went. By my Side and far away, one day there was forgiveness, the next there was distance and hostility. This was Before I understood all the beauty of bipolar and the Chaos as well...looking back, he was like a jigsaw puzzle, I just couldn't understand the moods, even though I lived them myself...it was unfamiliar to me. As the song states...I can not stand any more of your pain...give me 3 wishes, I'll whisper your name...
I believe we have the power to 'exclude' those things in our lives, which we have no more use for. They come....they go, we learn.
Whispering your name as a wish, is a beautiful release...and goodbye.

Self Portrait

Self Portrait
This is Not a Drawing