Monday, September 8, 2008

Flowers Against My Dress-Seven Sacred Secrets.

Originally Titled "Cover Me Red"...this is Flowers Against My Dress.

This song is about a certain loss of innocense. Not the teenage stuff, or the first love stuff, nooo not that. More like the kind where you have already bent yourself into the mold of your chosen path, and perhaps for a moment, you bent in a new way, a way that is unfamiliar, a way that makes you stronger, because you moved in a different direction.
So after an amazing visit to Georgia, and one of the most amazing Music Fests I've ever heard or participated in....I wrote Flowers.

I sat under the sun, under the stars
and i strummed on the strings of my guitar
i sat barefoot on the grass, under the moon
singing wooden knowledge, just a little out of tune.
*when i was younger, about 21, I used to have long acoustic jams on my rooftop, in wisconsin. i didn't sing much, if at all, i was terribly shy. The guys I played with, would sit there with their guitars, 3am in the morning, playing their originals and was called "Wooden Knowledge" of their own songs. I clearly remember that song, ...that is where that phrase comes from.

I held my candle high, higher than the rest
and i stood in the garden with your flowers against my dress
i looked high, high, higher than the sky
beyond the beauty of the watercolor in your eyes.
* i hold my candle higher than the rest, because i have a desire to be noticed for what I present inside that light that I shine....and the 'flowers against y dress' is symbolic of taking something that does not belong to me, and holding it against what i am identifying myself dress, dress is symbolic of a sort of 'female persuasion' an innocent, yet powerful borderline religious and sinful type emotion...that is what that part represents.
I looked HIGH, because this song represents looking beyond the present..beyond the 'art' beyond what the 'artist' is representing....more into what is not being said, just known.

I saw great White Wings fly high across the sky
and i thought about the color that colored you and i
i stood barefoot on the ground,naked in the wind
i said Mother Nature, Lets Get Together Again
I said Hey...Hey Hey...Help me please, i got 7 sacred secrets that will bury me....
*this is an intrusion into 'Mother Nature" what is natural. Great White Wings, is the Great White Eagle, which in the Native American roots (which I am) means Father, God.
Standing barefoot and vulnerability, Exposure. Daring Mother Nature to mess with my fate.

I get down like a child on my knees
I speak to no one that has no name, not to me
I say Lord, oh Lord,make it clear please
wash me in the river, make my spirit shiver, rain on me.
* i pray when i'm scared...I don't believe in anything, just has no name. "Wash me in the river"....simply meaning 'clean me of my sin, makeme new,make me feel'.

Forgive me Lord, I did not tell the truth
I was layin int eh water, i was prayin on the roof
let me see, let me see a light,
something i can feel, something that is real, in my life.
I said Hey...Hey Hey...Help me please, i got 7 sacred secrets that will bury me....
* We often....being the humans we are, deny things that happen in our lives, that line.....forgive about sheltering oneself from truth.......Layin in the baptisim of transition...we all enter new phases, every day of our life, some bigger than others. Let me see a asking to see a lil directino, a lil guidance, some's asking....and "Something i can feel.........
i believe sometimes we all lack the emotions we so crave....sometimes we need those lil wake up calls.

Self Portrait

Self Portrait
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