Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Last Minnesota Blizzard of 2008

If you haven't experienced the Blizzards, the one inch or more of white fluffy stuff per hour, then you probably haven't been to MinneSNOWta!
I know when the west coast gets this, they shut down. Drivers are restricted, warnings go out like red lights NOT to drive.
Here we go...this is Winter here in Minnesota! Canada, Michigan, Wisconsin, Alaska, Iowa....we're kind of used to this...
I won't drive in it. Don't be calling me if you drive into the ditch! You want to take that chance, you better have blankets and water, food and BOOTS packed with you, because you might have a long walk home! That is, IF you can walk home!
Can't tell you how many stories we hear on the news where someone 'thought' they could walk home, only to be blown off the highway by another driver who dared drive in it...or even worse, you die in your own back yard trying to find the front door during a white out....those are horrible!

2009 we're gonna bring it on with another 4-6 inches of snow today, and hopefully then...we are done.

The best thing though, is the Winter Thunderstorms. They're rare and they are beautious to see the sky light up behind big fat white fluffy flakes, to hear the th under and no rain falling...just the quiet silence of the flakey stuff falling from our Minnesota sky!

Peace to all and the BEST To you in 2009.
Bring in your Best Learned Lessons of 2008, into the New Year with you. And if you don't think you've made any mistakes, I bet your friends will tell you otherwise! (you can always learn from theirs too, because you know damn well when you make a mistake they are all saying "THANK GOD THAT WASN'T ME!"
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Self Portrait
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