Friday, December 5, 2008

Behind the Scenes....

Noooooo, not going to let this Blog go to the wayside and Rot. I promised myself I would commit to writing in it 'about' once a week, and WOW I think I have slacked off a bit.
The hands of life has twisted its fingers all through my hair, and yanked me into some other cosmic realm in the Universe, been there?
Another Twitter Artist, WilddogStudio gave me a link once to view this amazing "Steampunk Style Ring' and I fell in love with it. The site was amazing About a week later my Soul Sistah Cylindrian Rutabaga aka Grace, told me about this site that I should ABSOLUTELY put my art on...."ETSY.COM"...well that got my seed growing, so I did...for the next week I messed around with the site, got a little familiar with it,
and planted several paintings, sketch book covers that I layered in Canvas and textured with various paints and colors....and LO n BEHOLD
I made some sales.
Surprised myself....I had no doubt that some might like what I do, and many would not.
But I never "expected' anything.
So far I'vemade 4 sales on that website and 4 others off the website.

I also released my CD This week "CERTAIN KIND OF MAD" and had a small pre release party at my LIVING ROOM #13 in SL, and an official 'launch' today at TRAX, thanks to Bones Writer for hooking me up with the CD Vendor etc!

Before that it was the CRAZY thanksgiving Holiday. My WHOLE Family came, including two gorgeous nephews who I absolutely ADORE, one who is in deep awe of my Washburn 6 String, he is 4 and he watches every m ove I make on that guitar
then imitates it...and he is absolutely 100% rockin into it!

I'm exhausted. I have hardly slept in the past few days. I take what Sleep I can get, but I think I have pushed myself a bit far, and now I really need to just kinda climb into my cacoon of NOTHINGNESS. However I am being tugged at the hair again
and I can again..feel myself heading towards another streak of madness.
I have no idea what will become of this one, perhaps nothing.
Right now, I can feel the weather of the soul, changing,
the creativity rising and falling.
Everytime I close my eyes I'm seeing vivid and brilliant colors and shapes dancing behind them.
It's a hell of a trip, but in the end
it's usually worth it.

BIG THING all of you who have supported me, bought the CD, sent me encouraging messages, called me just to say hi and see how the world is spinning. All of you who are such Awesome Supporters of my music, my art, my many attempts at something..somewhat SANE, haaa!

Family is family....IS family.
Thanks :)

Meanwhile, back to letting the energy out of me, and into the Universe, because keeping it inside.....well it can make one sick...better to let it out!

Self Portrait

Self Portrait
This is Not a Drawing