Friday, September 12, 2008

Dirty Sick Perversion

Awhile back, about a year ago or longer...
I was looking at a friend's tattoo picture, in Second Life,
it was on the back of the person that posed for the photo, very tribal.
At the time I am in 'sponge mode' meaning I am absorbing everything and anything around me,
This..Tattoo, somehow inspired the song Dirty Sick Perversion....
I grabbed my guitar and wrote this song.

I thought that you
might have stood true
you slide back to
un perv er ted

in the rare light
of pure en ig ma
my head spins out
i can't feel ya

Slide down my
broken stair way
feel me tie you
in my own way
FLY deep into
my deep perversion
you can't get there
you can't have this

i was un der
your dark liqued
swimming tattood
can't feel childhood

hold that thought in

side your dirty mind
hold this cold ink
on your hands and... (chorus)

Slide your hands in
to my stairway
tie me down in
to your sick ways
Find my sweet spot
stay in side me
i wanna feel those
things that bind me.....down.....

Self Portrait

Self Portrait
This is Not a Drawing