Friday, October 17, 2008

After 2 years-SLCD Time

Second Life(tm) has been an amazing foundation for creating a virtual world where musicians and artists from all over the world, can collaborate, share their experiences and help each other with those improvements that everyone could use from time to time.
It's also a platform for those who want to take their songwriting and performance to the next level, a chance to 'test the waters' and feel out the new song before you actually place it on that CD, and get some feedback with those new lyrics, or ideas for some new Cover Art.
There is a Global Outreach if someone wants a great photographer, or a genius at Scripting..or someone who can Terraform the land, build a wonderful build...who just happens to be on the other side of the world...Second Life(tm) brings the Whole World together on one grid,
with over 65,000 active users at any given time,
how can one NOT get support or find people that need their support!
And thanks to some great minds...great things are happening and have happened and continue to happen.
Thanks to technology, many have come up with ways for Musicians to sell and distribute their songs, or CD etc...and most will take a small percentage of sales, nothing more than anyone else would, it remains competitive.
Soooo, a Musician Friend of mine, Tukso Okey, brought me to this amazing Sim with these Listening Booths All over with various musicians on each one...each one plays about 3 songs by the musician who's 'booth' you happen to be standing in.
There were people all over going from Booth To Booth listening to the various songs by each artist.

Tukso showed me the vendor he had, with his CD on it, in it's entirety, instead of just one download at a time. Not that this is new in SL, because it's not...but the combination of many listening booths...and I'm talking A LOT of them with the ability to check each artist (who chooses to rent a booth) and the CD Vendor, the Radio, the ability to listen to the music YOU want to hear, anywhere in SL, and share it with others.
Now YES we can do this with 'radio streaming' and our own streams in sl....but I like the idea that my fans, and many fans of many musicians can share the music they like with others in more than one way, and I like the idea that People can just Download my CD from SL, right to their media player.
Each 'booth' gives a the listener a chance to sample 3 songs, and/or purchase the CD right at the Booth, plus the Musician gets an amazing looking small simple vendor, that looks like a CD Booklet, which the musicians fans can click on, and purchase the CD,
which they can put directly onto their hardrive and also listen to in SL on their Land or as they explore through SL.
It truly is an incredible Sim and Bones Writer is the Man behind the Scene here...very pleasant to work with, very professional and well seasoned in what he does, as he too is a musician and knows those lil bumps in the road we encounter from time to time. So, within the week, mine will be up and running...

Now I've had this idea of a New Cd for a couple years now, and most of my longterm dedicated fans know the crummy system on that.
They would pay through paypal, wait 2-6 weeks and then get my cd. Since most of my fans are Overseas, it would take especially long to get to Germany or London or Australia. Even Canada took awhile to receive the CD they ordered from me.

THEN I put the 're release' of Without My Wings on iTunes, and that took 6 weeks before it went up on the iTunes page, Rhapsody, Amazon......but it was worth the wait...especially for those outside of the SL Grid.
But to have the option to put the CD's on the vendor...right in SL, where the base of my fan group an opportunity for so many musicians...of course, Quality of the Recording DOES MATTER, and being original DOES Matter..selling a CD with someon else's songs on it, well that's just not cool or legal (unless you have permission of course).
So after making several CD's and mailing them in those yellow envelopes with 3$ worth of stamps on Each one, and doing that over and ovr again....well it was hardly a profit for me, but it was definitely an experience. And some of my fans know...I can be a lil SLOW on actually MAILING things, haaa...That is why I'm thrilled to my toes about the vendor, and by next week....I will have my first SLCD available to the SL Fanbase.
The songs, will be songs I've written over the course of the past year or so, and are largely based on personal experience both in and out of SL.
I have had some amazing experiences with some amazing souls, and then I've had some Bad Circumstances as well.

The only way to heal fully for me, is to paint it out, write it out, sing it that is what I did. I will be choosing about 10-15 songs based on the past year or so...of course I won't be putting them all on one cd...I'll grab the ones that felt the best to me, and the ones I feel I've had the best response from, as far as my fanbase goes...
You All Know Who You Are and my fans are such an inspiration to me!!!!
I'm quite open with hearing their feedback on What Songs ROCK YOU!
What songs make you go BooOoo! haaa and so on and so's a crazy world eh?

SO I ask again.....if you are in SL you can just Message me there....or you can comment here....
What are your favorite songs? What ones inspire you? What do you want to hear more of?
and the list goes on......What ones would you like to have on your ipod, or Media Player or CD?
Now listen close when you hear me sing
Cuz if you Really like something....I love hearing it, and I can never hear enough Good.
I grow from it, and then I give it all back in any way I can...paint it, let someone vent, help someone else...and of course
the hardest thing
letting others help me, when I fall down....(don't ya HATE that part? haaa)
I'll close on this......and always always always
Say my name
shout me out
write me down
....make some comments....send some good Karma, and this just keeps spinning same as always.
peace all! Much Love n Peace and Pretty Stars!

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Self Portrait
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