Friday, August 22, 2008

Pretty Stars and Talk to the Moon

Pretty Stars

why you fallin in love with a girl that's gone
she puts her face against your lips, then she's gone
why you givin it all to the stars when you know they fall
you put your hands in her hair, you know you're gonna have it all

and there you are
fallin in love with the pretty stars
you know better she'll be gone
and there you are

why when you kiss her mouth
stars fall from the sky
put your thoughts all in her head
words fall from her eyes

*** Written when I re-joined Second Life in 2005. The New Wonder of the Virtual Community had me in awe...I was caught up in the Flying from place to place, the beautiful stars, the amazing conversations on old rooftops with old's a virtual world...don't fall in love with goes away when you log off...
but there is a certain beauty in the innocence of new experiences, we often have those memories forever, and they usually end up just that...only memories***

All songs are truly left up to the listeners interpretation...remember, everything is So very Symbolic!

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June 3 2008

I used to pretend that i could... talk to the moon
i'de whisper deep in the night...from my mamas room
and I Can't Feel That Voice Anymore
and I Just Want To Spill Right Out that the Moon

I used to hold his the center of my land
walk with the Indian Man, as he Held my Hand
But I can't Feel His Skin, Anymore
And I can't hear his voice, like I talk to the moon

I used to depend on the rain, I would wait all night
to see that black sky feel that light
and I can't find my way anymore....
and every Breath I take, just spills to the floor....i talk to the i feel you
I used to fall asleep, to my mamas songs
sing about the girl in the moon, how life had done her wrong
But I can't Find that Dress that she wore
and she keeps leavin her old shoes by my door...she misses the moon

i used to watch him paint, colors filled the room
and i would watch him play that guitar under the moon
but I can't Feel the Way I once did
Wrap me up in my papa's soul, like when I was a kid...
..and I can't see that light in this room
cuz i can't feel that Prayer comin thru....I"ll talk to the moon
that's how i feel you

My Mother, Her father *my papa Jule* both musicians, artists writers. My Papa Jule passed away from Alzheimers...I miss him dearly. Looking at the full moon reminds me of him, reminds me of everything I am. My papa Jule painted, he played all kinds of instruments, we would all sing til the later hours of the night when I was a kid.
I can't feel his hand in mine anymore.
When I was a little girl, my mother would sing to me as I dozed off in hte backseat of the car while we were traveling here or there,
"Poor Little Moon Girl.....' and the words would always change just a little...but she had no shoes to wear, I would wonder why she had no shoes....
Things come in songs, lyrics...symbols, they just come out of nowhere, and after I wrote this....
it was looking back that I realized it had deep roots in my family.

Self Portrait

Self Portrait
This is Not a Drawing