Wednesday, November 26, 2008


the above photo .. I've always called her my niece, since she is about the age of most my nephews and nieces, but this is um.....
well, my Grandaughter and she is amazing! I guess it's worth it to kiss kids with colds!

OoOo Here it comes, the Holiday season has come upon all of us, in one way or another. For me it's Cleaning, and I truly Hate cleaning, and as I got on my hands and knees to spread that Murpheys Oil on the hardwood, BOY COULD I TELL I HATE CLEANING, it's been awhile.
I do the regular sweeup up the stuff, maybe spot clean a few spills from time to time, it LOOKS clean, but it's not....cuz underneath the stove, yeah....don't wanna go there, but did.
I washed all the hardwood, steam cleaned WHITE this was a bad idea in the first place...I have 4 stepson, and when we moved into this house we were given the choice of All hardwood, All carpet or a we chose to have Hardwood in Living Room, Dining Room and Kitchen, but the steps and hallway among the other rooms upstairs have carpet, white carpet...with 7 years of footsteps on them from 4 boys (3 have since moved out)...a dog, 3 ferrets and then of course, Other Peoples little two legged Nightmares.

the Point was to get as MUCH clean as possible, PLUS finish the art projects, get the new ones Started, try to finish the last 'tweeking' of the CD, and then....the next 3 days, it's Bright Smiling Chaos when my whole family comes here for the holidays, this includes my 2 Nephews who are still in the single digits and are the most curious, mind boggling, polite kids I've ever encountered.
It's always a sweeet deal to see my lil guys, and even better, the WHOLE family will be here, and You can not imagine how excited I am to see them, as there is a bond that just gets warmer and stronger each time we are together.
Kids make me clean.
Kids are full of germs and it never fails that when I kiss my lil nieces and nephews or my lil grandaughter (no i'm not old enough, but the Universe gave me a beautiful could i refuse?) I get the 24 hour cold, or worse, the one that lasts 7-10 days, and I HATE colds MORE than I hate cleaning.

I have been through the house several times with those great Clorox Disinfectants wiping the light switches, handles of the doors, the railing's for the stairs, every keyboard, mouse and desk, all handles on cupboards, the toilet handle, faucet handles....Oo yeah, I make sure no germs have a moments chance, because being sick means my voice goes to the Monkeys, and since that's my 'career' for the most part, I can't let that happen if at all possible...
Plus I'm a big baby when I get sick, yep, I'm one of those "I want my Mama here to make me chicken soup, and my daddy to buy me 'teen magazines and ice cream"...yeah when I was a kid, that made being sick...tolerable...So now I'm always wanting magazines (Psychology today is my fav...kinda outgrew the teen ones decades ago, haaa)
and 'treats'.

Ok so back to the Origin of this all.....

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and my house is impossible to make spotless,
But I finished with the help of my awesome 15 yr old and his dad, the amazing dude I married....Now Today, I can almost relax...almost....I look around and see Painted Boxes all over my Living Room Coffee Table, and canvas's painted in various colors piled up against the window...I am an artist, my house shows it... And since all the colors I have used, it all actually Looks Pretty Good in the Living Room...
But I'll have to move them, into the Studio, which is like a small cluttered art gallery/ recording studio...
Various songbooks I've filled up over the decades, CASSETTE TAPES from way way back, Feathers from birds, dead sunflowers, bottles of various roots, oils and balls of hemp string fill up every space.
My art experiments fill the wall, hanging at diff angles, some on canvas, some on paper....This is where i STORE things haaaaa! And this is also where I music, the 'set up' for's a small space, but a very ambient and warm space and my lil nephews Love to come in here and talk in the mic or bang on the 'OTHER guitar' since I don't let them bang on the blue one too much,
Unless I"m holding onto them AND the guitar, haaa.

Am I ready?
Am I in desperate need to see my family?
Will they judge me on how clean my house is?
Will they come here and have unforgettable memories?
absolutely, no doubt, Yes! I guess the one thing important in all this.....Messy is fine, dirty is not.
(unless you're a dirty pirate W!)

Another Important thing...aren't we stressed enough in our lives, than to worry more about a spotless house then how wonderful it will be to be surrounded by what we love, or who we love.

It's all about R E L A X I N G!
So do me one BIG favor?
Take 2 Deep Breathes, close your eyes, and no matter what.....relax.

For those spending the Holiday alone, be sure to enjoy every single thing you do for yourself.

For those Traveling, be safe, and use a hands free device, only idiots talk on their cell without one...The majority of all accidents happen because someone is distracted and thinks the same idiotic thing every time...."Ooo I'm ok, I can drive and talk at the same time on my cell'....
All I can say is Fool.
If you can afford a cell and a car, you can get a handsfree device, so do it.

L A U G H. . .
it relaxes us
it destresses us it raises our spirits it heals :)

Self Portrait

Self Portrait
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