Monday, October 6, 2008

Ordinary Lie

So ya bit the Buddha hanging around the neck of temptation...and you thought about it, and then you wrote about it. You put the whole truth out there, laid your cards on the table, and they turned their heads, so afraid of the truth.
And no one really knows, but you.
So you move on, you swallow your poison and thank your stars, you never gave him the

Ordinary Lie

well i sat up straight and tall
i was tryin to take it all...inside
i saw you walk away
you were askin me to stay...that's not my style
but you got somebody else
and you put her straight thru hell...that ain't right
well ain't she lucky..that i never gave you..the time

i saw it clear as day,
how you turned yourself away, from your light
ain't nobody talkin about
the things that you said last night
now you're back where you belong
but your heart keeps feelin can't hide
you ain't nothing but an ordinary lie

you were tellin me you had it all under control
there's nothing i believe
and you watch me slowly leave
i'm out the door
but you were thinking about
how you had it figured out
A in your mind
and there ain't no way
i can live with
an ordinary lie

so keep on moving on
take your woman in your arms and thank your stars
cuz time has a way
of healing all those ordinary scars
people take their chances
life is full of circumstances, we cant' hide
but i can't live my life, with just an ordinary lie
you just count yourself lucky that i never gave you the time
ain't she lucky that i never gave you the time

Some Call it Faith...

When it comes to "Religion, or God, or Jesus'' or all mentioned, or none mentioned...
that's basically the bottom line.

Grew up Catholic,
get on my knees to pray,
hold the rosary,
wear that paper picture of Jesus with the Burning Heart of Thorns around me neck,
in case I died in my sleep...I would go to heaven.
Went to a Catholic School, and in my later teen years, decided to join a different Church, of hard core Bible Thumpers, we handed Jesus out on the Street at AC/DC concerts, yeah I'm sure we annoyed everyone, but I believed what I was doing was what I wanted to do.

Nothing lasts forever,
some Huge changes took place in my life and I moved into a whole new direction,
very uncertain of where I was goin...I love KNOWLEDGE, and I love the freedom to choose,
whatever seems to 'grasp me'....thing is, I read about Everything! Atheist, Agnostic, Buddah Views, Catholic Views, Tarot, Astrology, and on and on the list goes.
I loved seeing it all, and realizing, no matter what 'direction' people followed, no matter 'what group' they associated with, they all had one thing in common....
And many of them believe their way is the RIGHT way.

See that bothers me
I'm not God, in fact, as far as I know, no one has had a direct conversation face to face with him/her...and no one has died and a year later, came back and said HEY!!! IT"S TRUE there ARE Pearly Gates,
and my friend went to THE Burning Pits of HELL because they didn't Believe.
Nor has anyone come back saying "Yes there is an 'afterlife' that. I
N has done many studies,
because it would be nice to PROVE it was all real....or even Disprove...just so that SOMETHING was proven!!!
One thing that came up that I read years ago, was how our Brain works when in 'death' and moving into 'death'...lots of chemical changes,
we see lights, we feel a sense of peace....
it's a science, Wish I could remember where I read it...but I'll google things and get much info...anyone who Googles, gets lots of Information.

I'm all for FAITH, in fact, I wish I had that FAITH I once had....but...
I don't,
and tried as I have to believe in something.....I don't quite believe in the whole Religion thing.
I believe there is SOMETHING behind it all, but I don't necessarily have a name for it.

I believe Jesus Existed, but that's as far as it goes.
He was an INCREDIBLE man, and also a HUMAN man.
And his 'followers' wrote great things of him, but he did not.

The Catholics removed about 12-13 books from the Original Writings of the Bible that the is put out to read, and believe ONLY what is written,
but what about what was not 'for our eyes' because those that put the pages together, didn't really LIKE the other books,
they contradicted this and that and this and that. Again, GOOGLE is your friend to research with on this one.

Bottom line
I'm not against the FAITH that people have.
In fact I think it's an amazing thing. I'm not against those that have no Faith in what other faiths tell them IS RIGHT or IS WRONG.

I don't believe in Hell,
I believe in RIght and WRong, because I'm a human being and It's not my intention to go around Harming people.
MOrals and Values are top to me.

I don't believe in anyone at any time shoving their personal faith in my face,
because they are determined to 'Save My Soul'...

I don't believe in Judging others based on what they believe or what they Think.
Keep it away from me if I don't ask for it.
Don't Sell me your Jesus, Don't Sell me your Personality or your Faith...
just be you,
cuz i like ya that way.

I think the mOre we Know....yep...the more we Know.
I think NOT to hear lots of perspectives is a bit selfish.
If you wanna talk about what you Believe, then be an awesome listener on what The Other Person Believes...

We're all threads in one big Tapestry,
All diff colors in the Big Stained Glass WIndow of LIfe.

We are all beautiful, no matter what we struggle with, believe, or don't believe.

My mom once said to me
it's what you DO with those thoughts that make them Right or Wrong.

We have a sense of right and wrong...not because it's the 10 commandments,
but because we have a sense, or right and wrong.

There is a LINK on the side of this webpage, under LINKS Of Interest...called Agnostic.
I like how Wikpedia explains such things.
Much Peace...
We are all Entitled to Believe what we want...
No one is to be judged because they believe something different.
IT's bad Karma!

Focus on your path...cuz whatever path you choose, it's because you Believe in it.

Check out new original song "Jesus Was a Monkey''
a lil insight to what I'm writing about....the thought has spun....

Self Portrait

Self Portrait
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