Monday, September 1, 2008

Summer Heat-2007

you all are Awesome for filling out those POLLS! ok so you want more ART, more PERSONAL INSIghTS and more lyrics, in that order......This is a painting i did in Aug of 2007 when I was in Wisconsin. I was going thru a Major Change at this point in my life, and as you know AUGUST in the Midwest is HAWT! so this is what came out ....Hope you enjoy and if you would like more INFO, let me know :)

Here comes the Grips of Bipolar-personal

Many of you know, and many of you do not know...and there are LINKS posted on the side of this blog about Bipolar. When I first found out I had it, back in 1992...I struggled with this Knowledge, a new knowledge and being the Inquisitive soul that I am, the first thing I did was HIT The Library and filled my mind with as much information as possible. Back then it was spoken of more as a 'disorder' which NOW, i choose not to accept. It's a Chemical Imbalance to those who are considered what is called "Normal" but I don't believe in 'normal'.
After studying psychology for well over 16 years, and all the studies I did with regular lil courses in psychology prior to finding out about BiPolar...I choose to call it a gift...and the IS. Look at the LINKS.
Take away the Bipolar Gene out of the Human Population, and you'll take away a Large Majority of your Writers, Thinkers, Musicians, Artists and more....
I do not take medicine. I tried that for many years only to find out I'm med Intolerant...they don't work for me, OR they take away my creativity, this is how they effect ME, some people are very fortunate to have them work very well with their 'chemical imbalance'. There are also many NON Creative Bipolars, who I fear...struggle More without the release of that gift....however I believe we ALL have a gift.
There are two times of the year that Bipolar usually has it's Peak Runs...SPRING and FALL....I'm what Psychologists call and 'early swinger' .. meaning about a month prior to spring and fall, it hits me hard. I sleep MUCH less, I write MUCH more, the art, the songs, the creative flow opens up like a hurricane pushing open the doors of my mind....feeding off ALL the senses that invade me from the world around me.
I do call it a gift.
I would not know life without it.
I embrace it, because without it......well, life certainly would be quite different...and if someone took it away from me RIGHT NOW, i really don't know how the hell i would get thru this life without being able to write, create and experience the things I do.
one of the symptoms of Bipolar is HEIGHTENED sensitivity, to light, sound, smell, touch, taste....this is not an exaggeration, it IS truly an ability to sense more intensely.
I might laugh louder and more often, I might feel those emotions of sadness more intensely....i may feel what others feel, more so ...Just imagine a Giant magnifying glass on everything around you. It doesn't make you see what is NOT there, it makes you see waht IS there....more closely...THUS the writers, the creators....the lyrical bliss....and of course...the overwhelming emotions can hinder a bit...but the beauty is once the 'ride' slows down, what a Vision one has had of life speeding past us as we fly thru it quickly, grabbing all our experiences....
There is MUCH more to this 'disorder' this 'chemical imbalance'' so DO read about it, Knowledge is power.
2% of the population has it...but immerse yourself in a community of artists and you'll find it damn near everywhere you look.
Much Peace :)

Self Portrait

Self Portrait
This is Not a Drawing