Saturday, October 25, 2008

It All Started with a Green Teapot

"Why do you put the red pillows on the red sofa, and the blue pillows on the blue sofa?"
he says "Because that's how it's SUPPOSED to be?" So I asked "Who says? The Catalogs at the store? The people on T.v?" and he replies, "No, when you Buy it, that's how it comes!"

To me this is perfect in describing how most people follow most people. They decorate, they act, they buy what they're supposed to by. Why would you put the blue pillow on the red sofa, and the yellow chaise lounge pillow on the blue sofa, and why wouldn't the red pillow look good ON the yellow chaise lounge? So with No hesitation at all, I marched my 5'2 self over to the red couch and put one of it's brilliant red pillows, on the blue couch, and took the blue pillow and put it on the bright yellow chaise lounge, and took the bright yellow from the chaise lounge and put it on the red sofa, and YEAH my eyes are now before they were locked on each piece of furniture, no 'flow' no 'traveling' for my visual bliss, no Movement in the house...NOW there is movement.
The next 2 hours were spent with hubbie and I moving from place to place in the main rooms, and re arranging the plants, and all of it with the art, talking art, drawing pictures on the thick textured paper that I sprawl out all over our dining room table....
The paper was that 'impulse OMG I NEED ART" type thing that randomly happens...planning on spending a few bucks turns into a bit more once I hit that art store...just a few things.
Then it was the 'regular shopping'..this is where things get dangerous....Now I try to be good when I'm in stores, but I get sooooooooooooooooo distracted by ALL those colors everywhere, everything screams LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME!!!!!!!!
Hubbie grabs this giant Green tea pot...because he is determined to find a way for me to get rid of my very cute, very small, NON WHISTLE blowin Thrift store tea pot. I LOVE that teapot, was only .50 cents and it worked boiled water...just didn't whistle.
And being the Big tea drinker that I am...OooOooo Yeah! He holds it up, and looks at me..."We should get one."...well who am I to say no?
in my world, this means....WOOO we can do a lil Impulse buying? Of Course....I didn't say this out loud, I just figured it's better I let it slide, and just kind of let it happen from there...ya know? once in awhile just 'throw something in the cart'..lil things, things he might not notice right away. So he says "I'll be right back, gonna go check out the Movies'...this is his Favorite he goes and leaves me in the OMG I NEED it all isle....
Towels, thanks giving is Whole family will be here, and we should really get some new towels, and what about dishcloths, i NEVER do dishes, I have a dishwasher, and IT does the dishes...but Thanksgiving time, LOVES the kitchen, that's where people end up 70% of the time in my house or my mothers or my sisters....we cook our senses in each other, sip coffee, drink great red wines, laugh, and do our silly things..while the DUdES seem to gather round that dining room table and talk Sports or whatever it is guys talk about....So I'll need dishcloths and towels in the kitchen, and of course that great blue kitchen rug, cuz it just POPS with the other colors in the kitchen, ... like that awesome Green Teapot!
And....and...and UT OH
hubbie comes back and my cart is jammed high with blue and green towels, rugs, and I forget what the hell else I had in that cart, but the moment I turned my head as some brilliant color Screamed at me from one of the was gone. I still had the great lil rug (hell it was 5.00 and Beautious!) and the oven mits..which i also do not have, because i take everything out of the oven with the cuffs of my shirts, they are always a bit long, and make perfect pot grabbers for hot dishes in the oven...but my mom doesn't necessarily wear super long sleeves like I do, I had to have those too.
We spent a bit out of the budget, and of course, put things back as we went along, laughing as we found something else that 'fit'.
Then it was time for a the home department, plants, plant holders, ettc..some of our Summer plants have taken residence inside now, for the winter. St. Johns Wort, lemoney herbs that Bulge out of the tops of their planters and we found this great tropical plant, a "Corn Palm" i think, looks like a lil palm tree..tipped over in the dirt, about 70% off it's regular price...I walked by it and said "I can revive this one'' so we rescued it and took it home, repotted and put in this brilliant blue planter....
The teapot has it's place on the stove, the Corn Palm has a new home, and we drew a picture that a 5 yr old would be PROUd to hang on the fridge!

Self Portrait

Self Portrait
This is Not a Drawing