Monday, December 1, 2008

The New Writing/Sketch Books

Something I've always found some peace of mind in, is art...and challenging myself to do things that are different, risking the 'ruin of a painting' in order to discover something Newer on the surface.
This book started out quite different, with the outline of a face, looking from behind rusted lines.
I had sprayed some protective spray on the surface of what I had done, and wanted to touch up one more thing, so I placed the small canvas I use to create some texture, onto the book...
forgetting for a moment that there was a light spray still drying.
So the small canvas stuck like it was attached to Super Glue...when it finally released itself from the cover, there were small tears and little rips, and to tell you the truth, I LIKED how it looked....

I let the book sit a few days before attempting anything else, then finally I ripped up some canvas into strips and squares and planted them square on the book,
molding them together to give the whole front cover of the book, a more rugged style look.

When I finish any painting, I look at it and ask myself
IF I WERE in some small cafe, or a book store and saw this...would I buy it?
If the answer is no, the book gets either revamped or tossed aside. If I say yes, well...then you see this!
I have a shop on ETSY.COM under the name Suzen JueL...Title of this Blog will have a link to it..
I put a lot of my spare time into creating...
or more like it finds me and takes hold of me to do something....
and whatever comes out, is the gift....and like I just mentioned....sometimes I like it, sometimes I do not, sometimes I would buy it (and don't even want to sell it) and sometimes I think..DEAR GAWD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!

I hope you enjoy the different flavors, textures and tones of this work, as I do.
Much Peace!
Now go check out the site, and peek around at all the other artists on it as well!

Self Portrait

Self Portrait
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