Friday, October 3, 2008


Back in August of 2007, I went through some pretty major changes, and had a cool opportunity to play some great Venues in Wisconsin. On this particular night, I had met the Awesome Ham Rambler of Blarney Stone (Second Life*tm*) What an awesome Guy! He came to see a short Acoustic Blues set I had done at Blue Moon, in Oshkosh...It was a lil difficult for me to post this one, back when I did, because I am a rather Emotional Performer, it's not unusual to feel the songs I perform, as if the events that sparked them are just as real to me then, as they were when I wrote the lyrics. In fact, it was difficult simply to perform and try to keep my face 'normal'...finally I said FK THAT! When I perform, it's all raw, it all comes out the way it does, the emotion of the song, is always's easier to do a song that I feel and take those lil risks of having the emotion seep out all over, than it is, to hold it inside. I believe what makes Music, is the emotion in the song.
An actor must go into role, to feel the role they are playing. Being an artist, I find that often I go right back where I was when I wrote the song, and when the song is over....usually I'm right back in present moment again. Snapping right out of the 'rawness' of the song, into the present moment. There have been times where the emotion lingers a a dream, but it passes, and there have been plenty of times that the tears come out of a song, and thankfully...the song keeps going, the emotion is on the surface, and again I much as I struggled with those emotions and always will in life, because life is an emotional's better to let them out, then to keep them inside. Some of the best musicians, look quite 'real' wh en they perform...their faces giving away the pain, the love, the joy, the rawness of that experience, all over again....and it's a lil different each time...but it's always beautiful. For New Upload of "EMOTION"

Self Portrait

Self Portrait
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