Sunday, November 23, 2008

Painted Gift Boxes-Part 1 finis!

CLick the Title of this to see individual gift boxes-pricing
I have been quite busy lately to get these done Before the Holidays, and WOO I did it! Each of these boxes *Gift Boxes* is hand painted in deep, rich colors. Some of the boxes are painted on the inside as well and/or bottoms. Not all are painted inside. You can contact me for details. Clicking on the TITLE of this Will bring you to the site where you can see each box individually.
Colors may vary slightly.
7 x 7 x 3 inches, each box. Now that the holidays are here, you can use them to give your gifts, put your cookies in for the holidays, CD's, Teas, small coffee mugs fit in here, or little bags of coffee beans. Pretty Much anything, your dead hamster, small handguns, or make up! (gotta add my sense of humor, heh). I wish you all a Great Holiday, and I do hope to be mailing these out soon! Just give me your 'bid Price' and remember, there is only One of Each!
-Suzen JueL

Self Portrait

Self Portrait
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