Friday, September 5, 2008

Web of Indra-Missing GeM

i have missed you,
intense flirtations of our psychology
the way the "Web" moved with you,
into deep grooves of the universe
i have missed the way you humoured my world
coloured it with strong words
with bold honesty,
with falling curiousity
as i hung in a circle holding on
you said death
is where we have been before we were born
i have missed you
the way i miss water when i'm thirsty
the way i've missed sand between my toes
the way i've missed sea spray, from places i've only been, not seen.

i have missed late night fingers tapping on the keyboard
as random ideas flowed like air between us
the ocean, the sea, the sky, the time
were between the reality,
keeping everything safely seperated
i have not been
i have not seen
i only lie, safe, and deep in the center of that web
and no matter what the world does
it's the only spot I've ever had
and what moves near me, will move me
and what trickles down, will fall into my mouth
and what falls between my fingers, will feed another
as you have fed I have fed you
so if you shake, tremble or shiver,
if you laugh, stumble or slide
I wn't be too far away...and when you shine
i might bask blindly
in a bit in that warmth....

-suzen juel
---sometimes someone enters our life, though short, though brief...the connection never fails...just the human aspect of ourselves. We learn the most amazing things, from the most simple of minds, the complexity of our souls goes far beyond our Human error---life will always move on, with or without us, but the souls will always know, what depth there is, in that one drop of water, that slides down that web...

Self Portrait

Self Portrait
This is Not a Drawing