Monday, January 5, 2009


I couldn't be more thrilled to discover my song "Flowers Against My Dress" off my "Certain Kind of Mad" CD has been accepted on one of my favorite Internet Radio Stations.
For once a radio station NOT associated with Second Life (tm) and that has never heard of me prior, has been playing my song.
It's in their rotation and you can click the title of this blog to go directly to their site.
You can request the song (which would be a huge compliment to me) and even comment on the song.
I have two more songs under review with them, and hopefully they'll be added as well.
If you want to request them as well they are
"Don't Let It Die" also off my Certain Kind of Mad cd
and "Teapot" which is off my "Without My Wings" Cd.
You can stream this onto your land in SL if you wish, or just listen.
There are usually about 4000-5000 Listeners at any given time on this station and their audience is constantly growing...
once you listen
you'll understand why they are so popular and growing, their 'handmixed' songs
are total Audio Bliss to my ears, not to mention it's SO inspirational to hear the artists I love, all day.
Jason Miraz. Ray Lamontange (did i spell that right?), Mary Gauthier. Lucinda Williams.
Pink Floyd. Led Zepplin. Rush. Iron and Wine and the list goes on and on.
So I've had some 'great friends' tell me they have heard me on it...and after checking their playlist, I saw that they have played my song a number of times.
So spread the word and keep it up, cuz it's working in a great way
and I have so many of you to thank
for the Love!
-Suzen JueL

Self Portrait

Self Portrait
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