Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happiness is Something To Look Forward To!

I'm not big on Christmas. I think it was more fun as a kid when I believed in Santa Clause, the Tooth faery, the Easter Bunny and all that other stuff.
Most of it is Media Hype to me, a bunch of blah blah.....I guess I see the whole "Holiday" thing, the same way I would see any other day. Go out of your way to make someone smile.
Always be thankful. Always be Grateful even when you convince yourself there is nothing to be grateful for...there is...there always is.
I once heard...
"Happiness is something to look forward to."
Reading that was like swallowing the universal secret...and Never have I forgotten that.
Every day I wake up, and the first thing my mind automatically does is grab onto what makes me happy. Could be the beautiful man next to me in the morning, could be a new song I'm working on, a new experiment artsy photograph thingie, or a new recipe I want to try out -like pickle recipes--droooooool----
And the Holidays
are hard for many people, difficult...especially when the Economy is dumping all over like it is.
But once ya quit stressin about all the media hype, it's a bout one thing "Love"...and seriously,
we should be thinking about that every day
not on Christmas.
Whether you believe the Jewish Holiday, the Christian, or just simply believe....or if you are just celebrating life and love....That's all that matters...
and this is something we should do every day...Wake up and do one happy.
So no matter what you believe
or not believe
it's Certainly Not my place to judge, and I really wouldn't care to anyway....Just have a wonderful Life...and bring in the new year the way you'll bring in every day for the rest of your life
....Just looking forward to anything....

Self Portrait

Self Portrait
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