Saturday, November 29, 2008

Universal Filters

I am convinced everything we say and do, somehow gets picked up, kind of like a filter online, that picks up just certain words and filters them through the right channels. For example:
I am in a cafe, reading a magazine, and notice a picture of a beautiful reddish gold sunset with two people drinking a specific brand of beer. For some reason the colors fit the Brand Name perfectly and it stoond out to me.
I close the magazine, leave the coffee shop thinking nothing of the magazine picture I saw, thinking nothing of even remembering it. I saw it, I liked it, I forgot about it.
Within a few hours, I am in a liqueur store, to pick up a six pack of Blueberry Lager, my favorite beer, and there is a coupon on the floor, that either fell from someones pocket, or from the bottle itself, of the beer I had seen in the magazine.

Last night, I was looking through a box of books my mom had brought over, books she's borrowed over the years, or ones she thinks I'll enjoy.
Herbal Books, my mom and I share all sorts of great herbal remedies (it's that Indian in our blood *Native American*) so we exchange those books, and various other books...But way on the bottom, I see "LEARN FRENCH" it is my 2nd year french book from High School. I couldn't believe she even had this book, this was .. well, MANY years ago.

Today, I click on a link of someone who is following me in 'Twitter"...the link brings me directly to a website geared towards something I was 'noticing'..."Learn French"...
Now things like this happen A LOT, not just once in a blue moon. Something that I take notice to, or pay particular attention to, something I might talk about that I display a passing interest in, will appear again shortly after the initial thought, presenting itself again to me, as if to say "Hey....-ahem-...over here...LOOK!..i heard you were talking about french in your MIND!" it's as if there is a giant FILTER in the Universe, that filters out specific Observations and Words, Pictures and things you 'take notice too' even if you never give them a 2nd thought...the "Filter" catches it and presents you soon after, with opportunity.
I'm not going to pay to learn french again, but I will be studying it again. I won't be writing a book anytime soon, but I'm being presented with little opportunities to 'go in that direction'.
It's that saying You think it, it will start to happen.
For the past few years, I've been heavily practicing the "Groove and Vibration" that what I begin to do, will begin to happen, and what I "vibe out'' into the Universe, will Attract to me, what I'm looking for.

I'm sure many of you have heard of the "Law of Attraction"...seems a fairly new concept, considering it's been around since time began.
Seems quite Logical, at least to me.
How the hell would most people get what they want in life, if the "Law of Attraction" wasn't true.
You want a job, part time, in town.....eventually you find one, part time, in town...and it's not always EXACTLY what you asked for, but it's almost Unbelievable how Close it is to what you asked for, if not perfect!" Opportunities ALWAYS present themselves.
They don't always happen Exactly like you expect, sometimes there are Big Lessons buried in that awesome thing you wanted. But you always get some form.

Perhaps you ask for a particular car, a certain model, a certain color, year etc......and maybe 3 months later, you get this car, a year older than you wanted, a slightly diff color, but you get's not just that you got a CAR, it's that you got soo Close if not Right on, what you asked for.

It happens with friends, it happens with the lovers that pass through our lives, the friendships that come and go, the people we simply run into for a 1 min passing conversation, someone we see in a Social Networking group, a phrase someone writes, a painting we are attracted to, a song we relate happens Every day, every second.

There are no accidents in life.

Everything has it's purpose, no matter how short lived, it was all for a reason.
And I still believe somehow our thoughts, get 'filtered' and put through this 'web' in life, trickling down and sideways all over the Web Like Universe...and comes back to present itself somehow...letting you know, the Universe is listening to you...and that,'s pretty powerful, isn't it!

Self Portrait

Self Portrait
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